Friday, 6 April 2007

Film 5. 35026 visits York. 22 October 1966.

A day in York to record the visit of 35026 'Lamport & Holt Line'. The first time I ever saw a Bulleid Pacific

35026 and K1 62012 on York shed (62012 seems to feature on most of my films, yet the only K1 I remember all these years on is the now preserved 62005.

4472 'Flying Sotsman' also saw duty on the railtour that day.
4472 Takes over from the MN.
60019 'Bittern' has just been bought for preservation and rests inside York shed. (now the NRM)

It seems every film has at least one shot of a Black 5 at Saltaire.
44857 on the Heysham Parcels.
48148 drifts south past Saltaire on a loose freight
WD 8F 90642 at Heaton Lodge Junction near Mirfield.

York 9F inside the shed at Mirfield.
48106 with snowplough passes through Brighouse - not Mirfield as originally thought, (thanks John)

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