Sunday, 25 February 2007

Film 3 Taken in 1966.

Taken around Shipley, Manningham, Bradford and Leeds.
I will add more captions later.(But to be honest I may have to guess at one of the shed locations)

A Fairburn tank passes St. Dunstans just after leaving Bradford Exchange.

A B1 at St. Dunstans

A foreigner on Midland territory. B1 61199 at Manningham Sheds. (The cottages in the background are the giveaway to the location, they are still there on Canal Road, Bradford)

To confirm the location, the lights of Bradford City Stadium can be seen in the distance of the enlarged image. This site is now an industial estate. (Hillam Road)
A fine line-up round the turntable inside Manningham Roundhouse.
I used to visit these sheds every lunchtime when I was at school nearby.

K1 62012 trundles through Leeds City station.
A view from the footplate of 45581 'Bihar and Orissa' at Farnley MPD.

45581 at Farnley.

Another shot of 45581

Q6 inside the shed at Farnley(?)

Britannia 70044 Earl Haig. I am not sure of the shed, but it could be Farnley.

Is this Low Moor shed? It looks like Skipton to me (I remember the snowplough), but the K1 throws me out (someone must know)
PS I reckon it is Skipton as 62012 was shot at Shipley heading north (see several shots below).
This is what is left of Skipton Shed today. Apart from new pitched roofs, the shots above and below are definately Skipton. One of the yard lights is still there!!!!

K1 62012 rounds the curve at Shipley heading a vans train to the north.(Heysham or Carlisle)
K1s were rare at Shipley at that time-as was any ex LNER engine.

A Stanier Class 5 heads through Shipley en route to Bradford Forster Square.

Jubilee 45675 Hardy heads the Heysham parcels past Salts Mill
Hardy was one of the last surviving Jubilees but along with Achilles, the least cared for.

A Britannia approaches Hirst Wood.

A Stanier 8F passes Hirst Wood.

A Britannia crosses the River Aire at Hirst Wood

Another Britannia at Hirst Wood.

Sunday, 18 February 2007

Film 2.Taken around Carnforth during the very last week of Steam. End of July early August 1968

I will add more in due course as well as adding captions.
If my memory lets me down with the wrong caption, please let me know.

A Standard 4 shunts the yard at Silverdale

A Standard 4 shunts the yard at Silverdale

A Standard 4 shunts the yard at Silverdale

A Standard 4 finally leaves the the yard at SilverdaleA Standard 4 heads an oil train for Heysham
Crossing the River Kent at Arnside
Along the sea front near Grange over Sands
A Metropolitan Vickers Type 2 (MetroVic) near Grange over Sands

A Black 5 leaves Carnforth
A Black 5 and brake van pass Silverdale

Down the WCML heading for Heysham (If I remember correctly, this could have been the last ever steam hauled freight on BR. 2 hours later it's fire would be dropped for the last time).
An 8F against the setting sun.

A Black 5 (45231) near Cartmel

Black 5 leaving Carnforth

Heading off down the 'Little Western'

Cruising throgh Grange over Sands